Terms and Conditions

1. These Terms And Conditions ( T And C) shall be valid for all games offered by Gamfari.com ( a duly organised Nigerian company with Corporate Affairs Commission Number RC 1354971.
2. By accessing Gamfari.com and it’s content, the user agrees to the “Terms And Condition” that appear below whether or not the user is registered. Any changes made to this Terms And Conditions will be communicated to the user through the mail provided by the user during registration.
3. The “Terms And Conditions” contained herein represent the complete, final and exclusive agreement between the user and Gamfari.com. If a user does not wish to agree to these “Terms And Conditions’,do not use this site.
1. To participate in our Mobile gaming competitions, a user must be 18 years of age and above or be of legal age as determined by the law of the country where the user resides. Gamfari.com reserves the right to demand proof of age from any user.
2. A user must have a valid email address for communication.
3. A user must be the owner of a valid payment means ( or authorized to use a valid payment means by another).
4. A user should have a working bank account where winnings can be paid to.
5. A user should have a form of Government issued identity documents for identity verification.
6. A user should provide accurate details when registering and these details are confidential and should not be disclosed to any one.
1. All users agree to inform Gamfari.com of any errors encountered during access to the site and should not share such information to another.
2. Gamfari.com is a mobile game eSport competition “SKILL BASED GAMING”  platform where winnings are paid to winners. Users play Gamfari games for free and the only form of payment  by users is a subscription fee to stop viewing ads on the site during gameplay. It should be addressed and treated as such and for no other purpose.
3.To participate in our gaming competitions, a user agrees to follow the platform guidelines which includes downloading any particular game,registering,playing and submitting game scores with the funded amount.
4. Gamfari.com will not be held liable in the event of damages or loss caused directly or indirectly by the user, the platform and its service or its content provided by a third party.
5. Gamfari.com should not be held liable for the working of the particular games on our platform as they are contents from third party.
6. Gamfari.com will not be held liable If the user is unable to submit scores as a result of congestion on our system.
7. Subscription by users and payout to winners is available in the Nigerian Naira currency and at the discretion of Gamfari.com, in dollars to foreign users.
8. Gamfari.com can use Users names and info for promotional content. Users will also be required to present a picture of themselves and social media handles when they emerge winners for promotional purposes.
9. Actions carried out by any user to interfere with the normal functioning of the platform including, but not limited to, propagating viruses and malware is prohibited and will be pursued to the fullest extent permitted by law.
10. Gamfari.com reserves the right to restrict access to certain parts of the platform and to certain services offered.
11. Gamfari.com reserves the right to remove any content on the platform without prior notice.
12. Gamfari.com account created by a user should in no way be used for any illegal activity stipulated by Law of the country.
1. To access Gamfari.com services and content, a user must register and create an account.
2. A user must provide correct detail when creating an account.
3. Each user must have a username and password to allow them access to an account.
4. Any action carried out using a particular account on the platform is assumed to be carried out by that user.
5. A user should report any suspected or unauthorised use of their account to admin@gamfari.com.
6. Gamfari.com prohibits any and all attempts to buy,sell or transfer accounts by a user to another user.
7. All personal data is stored by Gamfari.com and will not be passed on to third parties.
8. Every User is mandated to create just one Gamfari.com account. Gamfari.com reserves the right to close any multiple account operated by a user.
1. The user is authorised to subscribe on Gamfari.com account with a payment method made available by Gamfari.com on the platform.
2. The User should subscribe the amount required to disable ads from their gameplay.
3. Cash payout to users will be paid by Gamfari.com to the user bank account which was inputed during registration. Users should therefore fill accurate information during registration.
4. Cash payout to winning users will only be transacted to the account details provided by the user during registration.
5. Gamfari.com may require a user to provide copies of their identity documents before payouts.
6. Gamfari.com will examine user accounts before any cash payout and any user found to be in violation of any “Terms and Condition” will not be paid their winning.
7. Cash payouts to winning users will be transacted between 1-2 days after the competition ends.
1. All complaints by a user should be sent to admin@gamfari.com