How Gamfari Works

Navigating through and being part of Gamfari is very easy. A step by step explaination is given below.

  1. Visit with a browser on a mobile device.
  2. Select any game(s) of your choice from the Gamfari homepage and download for free.
  3. After installing your selected mobile game(s), SIGN UP and LOG IN.
  4. Play the game(s) for free and submit your scores to the game(s) competition leaderboard.

Remember, you need to register just once. And you can login to all our games

A timer on the game shows the time left for the competition to end. Immediately the timer ends, a WINNER will emerge. The timer will then begin a new countdown for a new competition where another winner will emerge. There will be different games for users to choose from and there will be different winners for the different games at the end of the timer countdown. Winners account will be credited with their winnings and winners will have to REQUEST A WITHDRAWAL for their winnings to be credited to their bank accounts.

We will also be giving consolation prices to all those who showed up in the leaderboard. So try to be part of it.

Start Winning Now


Be a part of fun and rewarding gaming with Gamfari.